Lotteries: scientific strategy of a scoring


Lottery - ancient and almost universal form of gambling that is practiced, usually at the state level. Humankind has resorted to her aid in the difficult periods of its history, when the question of life and death, or to learn the will of the gods. People cast lots to determine the winners and losers to find the culprits, and to choose leaders. Blind case determines the size of allotments issued and led soldiers to war.

In ancient Athens was chosen by lot legislators. In Greek mythology, the young men and women drew lots to determine which of them have the honor of being sacrificed to the Minotaur. Thus, the lottery decide the fate of many peoples, and some even pointed destination.

In ancient China, with the help of state lotteries assisted the poorest, and also funded the construction of the Great Wall. The first city-states of Italy were also built with the participation of the lottery capital, and the UK for the first time resorted to his aid during the reign of Queen Elizabeth, when the Treasury needed money for wars.

In today's world, states use lottery proceeds to replenish the budget in a difficult economic environment, and ordinary people find in them an outlet...

But there is a much more ambitious game that everyone can win, if you know what he dealt cards. “Lotteria”…This Latin word originally referred to the concepts of fate and destiny. The Italian lottery mythology - a ritual by which the soul is the body: the great crock that shakes at birth, and the first fallen shard becomes a receptacle of his soul.

One meaning of lot translates as "share the fate , destiny." This "share" can be regarded as a kind of sheet on which are marked and distributed inner qualities and talents of each person. This sheet abilities are present as natural inclinations and inherited restrictions and the life of any of us is endowed with a unique destiny and purpose.

In ancient books of one of the sides of the sheet is always empty. It represents a part of our destiny, which is not subject to us and which is determined by external forces and circumstances. We do not choose their parents: one is born in a wealthy family, someone in the poor. Someone who lives in war times, and in peacetime someone. In this collective lottery we win and lose in terms of genetic inheritance, social class of origin, as well as access to basic necessities, education and work. History, culture and biology give each of us an indelible mark, and with this we almost cannot do anything.

At the heart of any lottery or other gambling has always been, is and will be the idea that life itself is one big game in which invisible and seemingly random factors shape reality. Modern culture extols a causal role and importance of the facts, but modern science warns about the existence of the uncertainty principle. Things are seldom what they seem, just as winning the lottery does not always guarantee a quiet life in security and contentment. Not all winners find their happiness. Some of them suffer from the terrible hardships and losses that were a direct consequence of the newfound wealth. Need to be careful what you wish for. As they say, " Good - little by little ."

Live in times of economic change and social upheaval is not easy. Might get the impression that people who happened to be born in such a time, lost in a global lottery as a sharp demarcation of society into classes, increasing social tensions, the gap between rich and poor is getting deeper. Yet there is another side of life that gives a second chance to live a normal life despite the surroundings and circumstances in which we were born. This is the other side of the sheet of our life that we fill ourselves and in the filling of which we can learn the true meaning of our lives. At this decisive moment, it is based on a set of talents and qualities given to us by nature, is determined by what we are capable of and are suitable in this life.

It is no coincidence fingerprint each person is unique. Similarly, the unique souls possessed a destination that could distinguish them from the common lotto. That's why people play the lottery, so most people hoping for a chance to disrupt the " Jackpot " and change your life forever .