Lotteries: scientific strategy of a scoring

What is it?

The program, brought to your attention, is intended for obtaining the forecast most actual at the moment for the lottery chosen by you.
The global computer network of neural structure, in which computing capacities of thousands computers worldwide are involved, is used for obtaining this forecast.

The forecast is …

Lotteries exist centuries, and throughout all time of their existence, players seek to remove "a prize formula". Some of them claim that they managed it. But the majority – in vain wastes time also money. Yes, it is possible to create the set of statistical data describing process of game – but only in case the system initially comprises any shortcomings translating "accident" in "sequence" or in "regularity".

To create the exact forecast of behavior of the mechanical or electronic system founded on true accident - it is impossible. But practically any lottery consists of a set of mechanisms and spheres, and all these subjects possess physical, real, instead of "ideal" characteristics – the weight, a material, a form, nature of wear of surfaces and other characteristics of subjects. These factors influence result of a lottery, and, analyzing them, it is possible, with a known share of reliability to predict behavior of system, to predict that sequence of numbers which will change your life.


However, for carrying out such analysis it is necessary or the ingenious inspiration coming far not to each person, or the huge computing capacities processing results received earlier, and forming rules of predictions. Before recent time these capacities were available to only leading universities of the world and the states. But today in many computers on tables ordinary people have the graphic video adapters which are repeatedly surpassing in computing power processors of these computers, and, most often, these adapters don't work and for 0.0001% of the computing power.

These (and not only these) capacities, thanks to thousand volunteers, we united in a huge worldwide high-performance neural network. This network closely approached to that call "intuition". This network carries out every second billion calculations, counting for you those numbers which can change your life already today … or tomorrow.

And …

Would be irresponsibly and to claim immorally that this program will give you an instant prize of "Jackpot". It is a lie. It simply considerably will increase your chances.

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