Lotteries: scientific strategy of a scoring

How it works?

In very simplified look – everything is rather simple: we consider results of lotteries as a number sequence. Ideally, if we speak about the "ideal" lottery machine, – this sequence doesn't submit to any regularities. But, because both full-spheres, and machines for lotteries – are subjects from the physical world, the regularities determined by mechanisms, masses of details and quality of processing of surfaces, a set of other parameters, in their behavior after all exist. And these regularities give the chance to predict, more or less precisely, behavior of this number sequence. That is – to predict result of game. Certainly, this forecast won't be absolutely exact and final – but after all if the program will predict absolutely precisely result of game, it will be possible to say that at game there is obviously expressed regularity that, in turn, speaks about dishonesty of organizers of game.

So, we consider a number sequence, and we try to predict his behavior. Comparing the received result to the predicted result – we adjust calculation formulas – and we repeat attempts again and again, before receiving coincidence, to any accuracy rating, with already taking place results. The received regularities are applied to extreme results to obtaining the required forecast.

It is simple to write it. In practice is means need for the significant amount of the calculations which are based on huge data arrays. And all this needs to be done precisely and quickly. The considerable computational capabilities processing results received earlier, and creating rules of predictions are for this purpose necessary. Before recent time these capacities were available to only leading universities of the world and different state structures. But today in many computers on desktops of ordinary people have the graphic adapters which are repeatedly exceeding on computing power processors of these computers, and, most often, these adapters don't work and for 0.0001% of the computational capability.

These (and not only these) capacities, thanks to thousand volunteers, we integrated in a huge worldwide high-performance neural network. This network closely approached to that call "intuition". This network executes every second billion computation, calculating for you those numbers which can change your life already today … or tomorrow.

Figure 1

Figure 1. As it works:

And it really works.